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"He's the first guy who said to me, 'What are you eating'.  Who gets to eat steak on a diet? I do.  I sit back now and I think, This guys really knows what he is doing." 

In the two months that stood between the show’s consistent filming and the culmination of the season in what was a live and final weigh-in, it was up to each of the finalists to continue working towards their goal from home – to become the country’s Biggest Loser and take home the $250,000 prize. Frado had been working out at his home in Staten Island for several weeks, but couldn’t lose any more weight.  It was then that he turned to The Body Shop Studio of Stirling, New Jersey, for some direction.

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-frado dinten, new jersey

"All through out high-school, I was always active, whether it was team sports or activities with the family, weight was never a concern for me.  As I went to college an began to think less and less about my health and physical fitness, I began to gain noticeable weight, but still never let it concern my every day living.  Following college I became growingly unhappy with myself, and how far it had gone.  Mike and I have been friends for several years, growing up in the same area and working for the same company years later.  I decided it was time for a change, and the only way to get my act together would be to fully commit to working with Mike.  Mike worked with me on everything - my day to day fitness, my long term health goals, a full diet plan - he never let me fall behind.  His motivation and commitment to every client is impeccable, and not something you see every day.  He does not make you feel uncomfortable, or like you are failing, if you slip up a little, he understands this journey is not easy, and helps in any way he can.  When I started with Mike, I weighed in at 330 pounds, after three months of hard work, I was at my lightest since high school, 230 pounds.  I might be a big guy, 6 foot 7, but I never thought I would be able to push my F150 truck!!"

-Hans J. Tielmann, Stirling New Jersey

"To say I was a weakling when I began training with Mike, is a completed understatement.  Lacking any desire to do so, I had never set foot in a gym before.  Intentional sweating and pain just didn't sound like something I wanted to try!  That is, not until a major life event got me going.  I decided to get a personal trainer because I was clueless about using gym equipment or where to begin for that matter.  As a 50-something woman, I must admit it was quite intimidating to begin weigh training amidst slim, trim and very buff women and men half my age.  Here is where I got lucky; I began working with Mike.  Mike is an extraordinary individual.  He is completely focused on his profession.  He possesses the passion, expertise, and discipline that make him a great body-builder and also possesses the insight, patience and empathy of a good teacher.  I've been working with Mike for 10 months.  The results are amazing! I am exponentially stronger and feel both mentally and physically healthier.  It's been one of the best things I ever did for myself.  Ive learned a new skill and plan to keep it up for life.

Thanks Mike for helping me see the formula: Drive + Passion + Dedication + Hard Work = Feeling great about yourself!"

- Jan, Manalapan, New Jersey

"Mikes the only trainer I've ever worked with to not only change my body for the better, but my attitude too. He actually knows and cares about what he's going. Being a personal trainer is more than "just a job" for him and I think that's why all of his clients, including myself, are so successful!"

-Amanda defabio, Millington, New Jersey


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