Organic coffee and why maybe to consider it...

Hi my name is Amanda and I'm a daily coffee drinker. Each morning I start with a fresh brewed cup. It's a part of my routine. The aromatic smell, sound of the dripper, and steam coming off are all apart of my morning "experience". I started to notice that certain brands would bother my stomach more than others and some even made my mind seem cloudy. Not your typical response to coffee right? Well, I was listening in on one of my Dad's lectures about Foods and Purification. He was talking about how coffee is one of the most highly toxic "foods" we ingest. What?!? I was in full attention at this point. He said that there are a number of pesticides sprayed on the beans and when made in large batches the coffee can actually accumulate mold! This breaking news hit me so hard that I actually stopped drinking it for a few days. Determined to get coffee back into my mornings I did some research: If you drink organic, small batch coffee you reduce the risk of your exposure to Ochratoxin.  Ochratoxin is a class of several different chemicals belonging to the fungal toxins known as mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by mold, and we unintentionally ingest them in food. So when we have roasted coffee beans the roasting kills the big mold molcute, but the mold toxin remains. Ochratoxin from any source, is a problem because it is associated with cancer, brain damage, and hypertension and kidney disease. In addition, immunosuppressive, teratogenic and carcinogenic effects have been reported for Ochratoxin. But small batch organic coffee, has the least amount of Ochratoxin and pesticides.
In fact, organic, small batch coffee is actually quite good for you with antioxidant properties. Also! The lighter the brew, the more caffeine so for those who thought that dark roast meant more caffeine it's actually the opposite!

After switching to organic coffee I immediately noticed to difference. Being healthy isn't just about working out and eating the right meals. You have to take into account everything you put into your special, unique body. Cherish that $&(!

Oh! And using my cinnamon protein powder as a creamer is perfect if I want to add a little something to my roast.