4 Quick and Sweaty interval training circuits

Get ready to work...

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Body Weight Tabata Circuit (~20 Minutes)

Tabata is a very specific interval style workout. One circuit lasts only 4 minutes—but boy is it a long 4 minutes! You’ll feel both your muscles and your lungs burning. A tabata circuit involves a 20-second hard work period followed by a 10-second rest period. This is then repeated for 8 rounds, for a total of 4 minutes.

I highly recommend downloaded a free tabata timer on your phone. There are quite a few available in the app store. This allows you to focus on the exercise at hand, rather than the timer. For a challenging workout, try these 4 body weight exercises and complete a tabata round of each exercise. Complete all 4 minutes of one exercise before moving on to the next exercise. 

Tabata Circuit

Bike Sprints (20 Minutes)

In this workout, you are repeating the circuit 10 times, which equals 10 minutes of really hard work. The key is that these 20 seconds sprints need to be ALL OUT.

Bike Sprint

Track OR Treadmill Sprints (25 Minutes)

Start with warm-up for 5 minutes (walk or light jog)

REPEAT circuit for a total of 25-Minutes

Sprint Workout

Rower (~15 Minutes)

If you haven’t used the rower before or are unsure of your technique, here is a great tutorial from the makers of the Concept 2 Rower. CLICK HERE

Rowing Sprint
Author: Katie Paliotti

Author: Katie Paliotti