Top 5 Ways To Have a Better Workout

The stars may not always align when it comes to having your very best workout every time you set foot in the gym, however, there are principles you can apply that can create a good level of consistency with your workouts, making them consistently productive.

Four Simple Tips for Weight Loss

By Mike Occhipinti


One of the most frequently asked questions are “what do you eat” or “what should I eat if I want to lose some weight?” If you are one of those people who find yourself asking or wondering these questions, you might find this article as a good stepping stone to get you on your way. Now let me state I am not a nutritionist or dietician, but I can share with you some tools I have seen personally work for me and my clients. Lets talk about four simple ways to get the ball rolling.


What is a "proprietary blend" and why you should avoid at all costs!!

In talking with people throughout the health and fitness industry, it always surprises me how many are unaware of what a proprietary blend is and what it actually means. It is nearly impossible these days to pick up any weight loss or pre workout supplement without seeing the words in nice bold letters, “proprietary blend”

Functional Training

While some view functional training as doing 4 different movements while standing on a bosu ball, here at the Bodyshop Studio we view it as any exercise that improves everyday activities.