Sweet Vanilla Protein Crepes

Good morning! 

We felt like switching breakfast up this morning from our usual eggs and rolled oats. I went online and found different high-protein, low-carb crepe recipes, took what I liked from each and, voila! 

The consistency was interesting. I used a Isolate-Casein blend to have a little more fat, which yielded a someone fluffy filling. I guess it worked out though because we didn't need to add fill it with anything extra. One thing is for sure, I need to work on my flipping skills. Aside from the amateur presentation, lol, they were tasty! 

3/4 cup cold unsweetened flax milk
1/2 cup cold water
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 heaping scoops Nutrabio Muscle Matrix Protein, Vanilla- Isolate/Casein Blend
Frying "oil" of your choice, I used PAM Coconut Oil Spray but butter or another oil would work

Add all of your ingredients to a blender of your choice. Blend for about 30 seconds, or until the batter has a nice consistency. Place the blended mixture into the fridge and let it sit for 1-2 hours. After some time, remove the batter from the fridge. Get out your 11" frying pan and coat with your "oil" and let it heat up on medium-high heat. Slowly add your batter to the hot pan, eye ball it, less than 1/4 cup. These are crepes so you want to think about using less batter than you would for pancakes. Once the batter is on the pan, tilt the pan in all directions to get it to coat evenly. Cook it up for a few minutes and flip once the cooking side is slightly browning. Cook the other side for about 1/2 the time of the first. Move to a clean plate. Repeat until batter is done. You can add whatever you want to your crepes of course, we choose some strawberries. Enjoy!!